Porch Renovation

So, I know, I know…I haven’t posted much lately, but with the New Year comes my New Year’s resolution:  to blog more!  I thought I would start with details about our porch renovation.  First off, the porch is probably the favorite part of our home.  I always dreamed of having a home with a porch and when we started our home buying process that was at the top of the list of things we wanted.  After viewing the house for the first time, the porch definitely sealed the deal.  We absolutely love our porch and spent this past summer and fall relaxing out there.  The porch adds a lot of curb appeal to our home so it was also at the top of the list of our renovations.

You may remember from one of my previous posts that our porch looked like this:

One of our columns was missing which threw off the symmetry of the house.   We knew adding a  column would really make the porch feel complete.  Here is a before and after photo:

beforeafter porch

Sooo much better, right?

And no porch is complete without a few rocking chairs, am I right?  Well, my brother-in-law, Justin, surprised us with two rocking chairs as a house warming gift.  I bought some cushions for them to add some color to the porch.  We also got a wind chime to hang on the porch.  It may sound silly but I was so happy about the wind chime.  I just love the sound it makes and it just helps make our home feel “homey.”


We also added a new chain to our porch swing.  My Dad helped us out with that.  Here is what it looked like before with it’s rusty chain:


We added a new white chain and it was good as new.  These next two photos are outtakes from our Christmas card this year, but they are good ones of the updated swing and our rocking chairs.



One other thing I really wanted to do was paint our door.  We didn’t mind the red on the door, but I had my heart set on painting the door “Wythe Blue” by Benjamin Moore.  Every house we looked at during our house hunt I kept telling James that no matter what house we bought, I wanted to paint the front door that color.  I did two coats on the door and then we spray painted the door knob since it needed a little touch up.  I am so happy with how it turned out!



And after searching ages for the perfect door mat, I finally found this on from West Elm (sorry folks, but they are currently sold out of this option).


It’s definitely beginning to feel more like home!


So there you have it, our renovated porch.  We still eventually want to paint the exterior of the house and add some landscaping but we are very happy with our progress so far.  Here’s to the New Year!

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